The Cards: Extended Version

When I use tarot cards they speak to me directly about an aspect of my life. Sometimes I have a specific question and other times it’s just something I need to hear. So recently I attended a meet and greet about Tantra and the spirituality of the system. During this time I got to meet with the host and he asked what were my thoughts. So I shared a little and he said the only thing limiting you, is you. I got quiet and very still. He asked what are you thinking and I said I am trying to absorb what you just said. I left the event excited but still unsure. Honestly I almost didn’t even go to the event in the first place. Although I’m having these experiences, one of my biggest obstacles is fear. I can be sailing along fine, mediating, receiving messages, feeling pretty good about life and then I hit what I will call a road block…or more like a speed bump. The speed bump becomes the something that makes you slow down the pace so you don’t tear your car up. My speed bump arrived a day before the event.

I feel like going to this event was by design. In January I was in DC for my job yes I have a real job I am a CPA by trade. In fact I used to live in DC a few years back. So I’m riding down the street and I feel compelled to stop at this mom and pop’s book store. Once inside I felt drawn to two books in particular, one for me and one for someone else. A few days later when I go to read the book, it makes absolutely no sense. I mean the words where there and they were in English but I could not comprehend the concepts.

After I met with the magician got clarity on something but I became very aware of other things. One of those things being understanding the connection between love, sex and spirituality. If you ever been married, divorced or just in any kind of relationship there are some concepts that you might question. I know a part of this journey is recognizing what you’ve been taught, throwing that understanding out the window and being receptive to a new truth. So my question was am I looking at this whole love, sex and spirituality thing the wrong way…and ah ha I was told to go and read this book. After reading the book I goggled the author and he’d recently done a blog talk show so I listened to it. On that show he mentioned an event that would be in my city that weekend. I believe this to be by design or for all you none believers who might say mere coincide… I don’t know if I believe that coincide theory anymore. Especially as I see certain things line up in my life based on me having faith and trust in the universe. So fast forward and it’s the next day after the event and I’m like well should I do it or not do it. I felt fear. I didn’t recognize it as fear at first. I thought of it more as doubt or indecision. But fear can masks itself as many things.

So when I pulled the cards this morning, this is message that I got. I’ve gotten the king of cups and six of swords at least two other times this week. You hold both passion and emotion but it makes you indecisive and unpredictable. The masculine side of you remains hidden but full of emotions. You see the other side but you aren’t moving towards it, you’re just watching from the distance. The world moves in cycles, this will help to complete this part of this cycle.

King of Cups
Five Cups
Six of Swords

So I guess I know my answer…


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