Self Love 101

You can’t really began to cultivate your relationships with other people until you cultivate the relationship with yourself.  Prior to that you are only giving a small piece of who you are to other people.  Today I am learning to self-love.  I always thought I loved myself but this is to a whole new extreme.  It feels different.  Today loving myself means acknowledgement, acceptance, appreciation and approval of my physical and spiritual. It is not necessary to look at myself in the mirror to point out that my stomach could be flatter, my ass could be bigger or my breast could use a lift.  It is no longer necessary to think my hair could be longer and fuller or that my skin could be clearer.  Today I saw the beauty of what’s already here and what’s always been with me.  And for once I just walked around my house in a meditative state naked and vulnerable. Yet I felt a wholeness.  A love that I hadn’t felt for myself in a while or maybe ever.  So today I send gratitude to the universe for allowing me to see myself as I am, perfected and here in this life with this vehicle and vessel as it was intended to be.


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