Written words can’t clearly express
The ideas I want to impress
A form of imprest, currency flowing inside of me
That currently hides for no one to see

With your love, grace and generosity
I hope to be, a new form of glee
Happiness for a gift, bestowed in me
Reawakened by ye, for all eyes to see

For a child must be
Forming with in me
Creatively adding a branch to my family’s tree
For all to see

Recreating, rebirthing spirit that has been here before
But still wishes to return for all to adore
Adorn, add a new sojourn
With a love and passion that forever burns
Here in love, poured in faith in more than one urn
With a grace to have one more turn

For all eyes to see
A partial creation by me
A place to add rest
Love expression finding a new address


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