Tattoo on My Neck

In retrospect I think tattoos are symbolic in nature. It’s a symbol of something that has meaning to you on a deeper level even if you don’t know why. You don’t just find an image and like it for the sake of liking it. After I made the decision to get a divorce I wanted to get a tattoo. I got the word LOVE tattooed on the back of my neck because I wanted to remember that no matter what happened next I would always have love and be loved. Love would always be with me in everything I did going forward. I didn’t understand why at the time but as I step further into who I am, I can see it more clearly. You never really lose love…people, places or things …sometimes you just forget where you left it. For me it’s always been within me I just had to remember. I found my love within myself that I was looking for in other things. Today I move forward in gratitude as I share it with others and help others remember too.


Il Mio Italiano Sabbatico: My Italian Sabbatical


Sabbatical – leave, break or change from a normal routine. Of relating to Sabbath, time of rest.

All things at this time in my life seem to be a spiritual mirror for me to see a reflection of where I am at this point in my life. I have always been intrigued by the Italian country. I’ve purchased books and even photos of Italy.  In my previous home I lined the rooms with framed photos of Italian countryside. I would spend hours visualizing myself wondering around the Roman Colosseum or floating down the canals of Venice in a gondola.  I never understood what my connection was, I still don’t at this point but I believe at the end of this journey it will be clearer. I’m set for lift off in less than two weeks. I call  it my Italian Sabbatical, a rest and a spiritual quest of sorts.

I look forward to seeing in person the Colosseum, Spanish steps, art on the ceilings and walls, cobble stone streets and the history that lines these cities. I look forward to finding my connection with this place at this time. This has been a lifelong dream of mine that I never thought I would get around to doing because as we all know life happens, situations change.  Italy however has other plans and has called me home.  I embrace the adventure ahead of me. I’m sure  I will see plenty of things and hear plenty messages along the way. Writing is my therapy so I see myself pulled up close at a café table, typing away, sharing my experiences and gaining insights on life and my purpose here. So stay tuned.