Thursday Flow

She just wanted to be accepted
Not really rejected
Its to be expected, some can’t respect it
She might be a bit eclectic
Everything moves inside like electric
Electrical current… flowing
Fleeing…not really bee-ing
From state of being to state of being
No beginning and damn sure no end in sight
No real worries for this night
Always ready to take flight or fight
Not much these days can dim her light
But she might hide her light
Get lit for a bit
Come back down for more shit
Still trying to fit
Fit leads to fits or fist
A need to loosen up her grip to get to the real gift
Gift of gab, life never drab
Move with more than enough pizzazz
As if she got a big ass
But if you look through the real glass
You’ll see more class
Maybe even look at your future through her past
On your way to your next class
This is the school of higher learning
Hard to tell why these lessons all burning
A hole her essence, maybe she’s missing the real lessons
Its got to be lessened
When will this mess end
Maybe she’ll make a quick dash
Sometimes her life moving too fast…
Or to slow…depending on which way you go
Especially if you want to know, f trying to grow
No need for no’s, only looking for go’s
No moving slow, she just trying to go with the real flow….