Eve’s Body Reunion

I still love him…
The memory of that night lingers on
The touch of his fingers
The smell of his body
Pressed deeply into my bed fibers
The smell still animates my memory
It ushers in a vision
Of me holding him tight
I was so excited to see him and feel him
I couldn’t stop wanting to touch him
I’d visualized this moment for weeks
So it seemed like a dream unreal
I didn’t care what happened next his presence was enough
His scent still remains… engulfing and engaging me
I still love him….
I love when he touches me
He knows just where to go on my body
I feel faint and my body seems to shiver on it’s on
I could only hold on until it stopped
Mind, body and soul missed him
We haven’t felt an outside touch in months
We never felt the need of another’s touch
So we drew closer together in our own secluded world
I learned to open my mind and expand my own touch
I learned to bring our body into an open zone, a receptor of my own
filters and in turn I awakened divinity within my bodies
I fell in love with all of me
Tripping out of lust into love was
a necessary step before I could proceed
Time needed before we got here, in this moment with him
I remembered what it was like to love and nurture myself in his absence
I learned to accept my life as it was and to keep living
Eve’s reunion was both needed and wanted on many levels
My mind, body and soul welcomed him in tonight
We still love him…
We still miss him…

The Healer

A healer is a conduit for divine energy to flow through to initiate or jump-start the healing process in another vessel.  We all come from the source with healing abilities whether it be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  A healer is much like a doctor, they can examine you instinctively, listen to your concerns and provide recommendations but what happens next is relevant to the choices of the person looking to be healed.  Its understood some people are drawn to being healed while others get a push or maybe even slammed into it.  However you get to the healing process is not as relevant.  What’s relevant is you start the process through your intentions.

Healing is a very personal journey, somethings will seem to happen overnight and others might drag on for years.  There is no on formula. The healer becomes a part of your support system but can not do the work for you.  Many emotions and situations will come up that can be confusing and embarrassing.  Think of it as if you’ve been hoarding stuff  for years in your basement for years. You haven’t actually been in you basement for awhile. You got so much stuff in there now you can barely open the door, let alone walk down the steps to see whats in there.  When you need to put more stuff in there you open the door real quick, throw something in and slam the door.

The process of healing requires you to go in that door, you can start on the steps and slowly work your way down.  Or you can even make a path into the middle of your debris and start at the first item, the original item that required you to start the process of hiding pieces of yourself away from yourself.  The choice is yours doesn’t matter where you start just know at the end of the process you’ll no longer need a basement, you will have purged the things that need to be purged and the things you need to keep you can bring upstairs with you into the light. Where you can rinse them off (renew) and make them all shining to put on display (empower).

A healer can help you to become more conscious that you have a basement. They can even help you identify the pieces in the basement that would help you most at this time. The rest is up to you.

Poem Space

So I’m into poetry this month. I feel like I hear this rhythm in my head when I attempt to write poems. I want to make all the words end in rhymes to match the sound I hear. I’ve written a few poems before but it appears I have an abundance of them at this time that I need to share. They all move to this inner sound right now.

My New Moon

My loving new moon
The last one left me too soon
Moon shimmer, shine, wide and bright
More than dreaming for my knight
Long kisses…moon…enter love tonight
Warm hands in places
Small spaces
Exchanging love faces
My loving, trusting moon lays open and ripe
Ripe even, wide open for seeding
In need of liquid feeding
Soul showing…inner glowing
Touching, growing…his love showing
Wet skin flowing, right time for roving
Loving, knowing… time for going
Slow hands, come spend the night
Kissing, touching, merging insight
In sight…soul’s moon inn site
My new moon love’s loose tonight
Ebbs are flowing
Moaning, gloating…splendor floating
Streaming holding
Yearning tokens, screaming noting
Passion going
Noting nothing inner crescent fronting
Fronting, sliding, inner gliding
Inner vision, no division
My moon’s open for transmission
Star light and mental premonition
Freeing my new moon is my only mission