My New Moon

My loving new moon
The last one left me too soon
Moon shimmer, shine, wide and bright
More than dreaming for my knight
Long kisses…moon…enter love tonight
Warm hands in places
Small spaces
Exchanging love faces
My loving, trusting moon lays open and ripe
Ripe even, wide open for seeding
In need of liquid feeding
Soul showing…inner glowing
Touching, growing…his love showing
Wet skin flowing, right time for roving
Loving, knowing… time for going
Slow hands, come spend the night
Kissing, touching, merging insight
In sight…soul’s moon inn site
My new moon love’s loose tonight
Ebbs are flowing
Moaning, gloating…splendor floating
Streaming holding
Yearning tokens, screaming noting
Passion going
Noting nothing inner crescent fronting
Fronting, sliding, inner gliding
Inner vision, no division
My moon’s open for transmission
Star light and mental premonition
Freeing my new moon is my only mission


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