Eve’s Body Reunion

I still love him…
The memory of that night lingers on
The touch of his fingers
The smell of his body
Pressed deeply into my bed fibers
The smell still animates my memory
It ushers in a vision
Of me holding him tight
I was so excited to see him and feel him
I couldn’t stop wanting to touch him
I’d visualized this moment for weeks
So it seemed like a dream unreal
I didn’t care what happened next his presence was enough
His scent still remains… engulfing and engaging me
I still love him….
I love when he touches me
He knows just where to go on my body
I feel faint and my body seems to shiver on it’s on
I could only hold on until it stopped
Mind, body and soul missed him
We haven’t felt an outside touch in months
We never felt the need of another’s touch
So we drew closer together in our own secluded world
I learned to open my mind and expand my own touch
I learned to bring our body into an open zone, a receptor of my own
filters and in turn I awakened divinity within my bodies
I fell in love with all of me
Tripping out of lust into love was
a necessary step before I could proceed
Time needed before we got here, in this moment with him
I remembered what it was like to love and nurture myself in his absence
I learned to accept my life as it was and to keep living
Eve’s reunion was both needed and wanted on many levels
My mind, body and soul welcomed him in tonight
We still love him…
We still miss him…


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