Open Womb

Opening up my womb
Making room for growth real soon
Hearing ghost passed float in tune
Releasing whats been entombed encased
In case my need for it resumes
Decided today to set outside of my old cocoon
Break free mental wastes like a monsoon
Water rakes spin and breaks like a typhoon
Across my face, it reawakes
Fill it wide, it shakes
Grows and dates like a battalion
My army makes me lay in states
Raise the stakes, when I reawake
And watch my mental cartoon
My wombs awake, ready for intake
Create a new plate…full of fish and steaks
More like music crates
Turn it up, it’s bait
This souls womb can’t wait
Hollowed out, its safe
Open up its gates
Take my hands and trace
Open circles around my waist
Taping on the right place
Making room more space
Wounded pictures replaced
Moving is my saving grace
Open womb its safe