I know I take these mini breaks but I am back and excited about what happens next. A lot has happened in the last sixty days. I had to do some major life reflections on some of my choices but I truly believe nothing happens without a divine hand in the mix. I have gotten so many messages over the last few weeks. My life is definitely changing more and more everyday. Some days it seems like nothing is happening and other days everything is happening at once. I was working on a children’s book for a while but I think I will shift gears a little bit and focus on poetry. I think my voice in my recent set of poems has changed a bit. Before I was hearing a subtle musical sound as I wrote, these days I hear more like whispers in the dark. Kind of as if someone is whispering in my ears the words to write so the poems seem more conversational. As if I am having a two-way conversation with someone standing next to me. At this point in my life I am open and I take it for what its worth. As long as I hear it I will write it. I feel reloaded and excited. My messages recently all point to a bright future and the arrival of more things, the departure of some and the arrival of many wonderful things in their place. I won’t give it all away some of it you will just have to translate through the words. I really talk and write like I think so it shouldn’t be that hard to decipher. At any rate I hope whoever reads this gets a glimpse of my soul expressing itself and a glimpse of me as person coming into my own. I’m reloaded for the second half of the year so enjoy. Please leave comments if you feel the need.


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