Marriage Counseling

So in the wonderful world of Tiffanie… I decided I wanted to do marriage counseling.  And to answer your first question, no I am not married nor do I have a person of interest in mind at this time.

However, I decided in the last six months I could see myself getting married again.  So from my end I want to resolve as many things that I can and be proactive this time around, with recognizing the things that could help in the next marriage.  I learned a lot from my first marriage, the first being I had a lot of unresolved issues with my parents that played out in my marriage.  As strange as it sounds its true.  I think no matter how I told myself I didn’t want to be like my parents, when things started happening I automatically reverted back to what I learned from them.

I’ve clearly been divorced over four years.  In my time as a divorcee I was involved with someone for majority of that time.  That has now ended and as I do my reflections I once again can see my own patterns and choices that mirrored choices I learned growing up.  I have no regrets with either relationship.  I definitely loved hard in both situations, two exact opposites and two exact opposite situations.  The only constant was me, which means I have to look at my own thoughts and logic not necessarily to say what went wrong. But to focus on what went right and how I can get better as I prepare for the next phase of my life.  Although you can not truly prepare or control how things will turn out going forward, I am hoping through this process of marriage counseling to grow and gain some life changing tools to carry on in this journey.  So stay tuned.  I am extremely excited about the future and optimistic about what healing and creative things will flow out of this process.


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