Scattered Around My Bed

I am a multitasker by nature. In other words there is rarely a bored moment for me.  If it comes to mind and seem interesting I’ll try it. This applies across the board. These days when I wake up, going to my 9 to 5 is the only constant. Everything else I play by ear. I might paint, draw, sing, dance, write or read. There are many possibilities to the specifics within each of those categories.  The same is true for reading I like to read more than one book at a time. So these days you will see the following books scattered around my bed.


Faery Oracle came with the oracle deck.  I purchased it recently and just love reading about the energies on the individual cards. The faery guides have definitely started to open some doors for me.


The 4 Seasons of Marriage has been very insightful and inspiring.  As mentioned before I am mentally preparing to remarry and this book has shed so much light on things I wished I’d learned 10 years ago. It brings home how cyclical life and relationships are.


The Rumi Day Book 365 Poems and Teachings…well I think that’s self explanatory. I love reading poems especially outside. They are short and to the point but they share a story or a moment in time and feeling of the poet.


The fourth book came with no title but I’ve given it one. Sacred Woman: A Healers Guide 2014 is my journal. The front cover is an image of a guide I’ve seen in many visions. Usually in the vision the tigress is sitting or floating beside me and an owl is on my shoulder.  We are always in or close to water and I listen as they provide guidance. Tigers represent strength and owls represent wisdom so it seemed like the perfect journal for me.
These are the things that surround me these days. They lay scattered around my bed as I move from one book to the other.  Always open to new possibilities…


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