Marriage Counseling 2.0

Seems like a cool way to refer to it. I completed my second session and it was emotional. Thinking back on it now majority of the conversation was about the past. The emotions associated with it made it seem present tense. I left with a weight lifted and had to repeat to myself ‘this is a safe place’. As a kid I learned to keep a lot of secrets and that it was unsafe to share those secrets. So it felt good to just speak those secrets with no judgement. She pointed out the ways in which I compensate for those secrets today. Somehow when someone hits autoplay and you hear your life story repeated back, you hear it through a different place.  I heard my story through a different space. It felt like watching a piece of my life on tv. But I was sitting in the audience not on stage. Yet I knew it was my life. It felt both weird and enlightening. I recommend counseling to anyone who feel stuck or just want to change their life in any form.  When I left out I just wanted to dance. I heard myself saying to her  ‘I am committed to the process’ of healing and growing. That’s a truth worth speaking.


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