Naked on a Mare

Mounted muse, my chariot awaits
Stimulus amused, my body awakes
Sutra of freedom
Fertility partakes
Virtuous lover, arrives with no cape
Released from captivity
I feel no restraints
I sense your mystical body next to mine
Our neurons reacquaint
I reach over and touch at your nape
Your mane is free and flow like my own
So I desire what’s at stake
Only unleashed fully by the wind
Passions rebuilt by fate
I know instinctively to get on you
No harnesses, no limitations, no need for constraints
No clothes, I don’t think about this sight of sensual auras
If one chooses to look, sketched murals they’ll paint
I glide on, as you tetter
Untamed as we move, floating air across my face
I feel in tuned as we merge into one bridged body
Our hearts racing in place
I don’t know where we are going
But you know exactly where so I relax
Your dominance and powered movements
Keep me harnessed in null space
A peace felt as wisdom embraces my breast
My heart inception moves at your pace
I lose consciousness
Disquieting thoughts, don’t give chase
I surrender cognizance
Perfected consonance
Harmonies remain altered to my body when I awake


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