Eyes to Her Soul

She stares into her soul

Through her own eyes

What’s reflected she does not know

She can’t look at that woman

She can’t face the secrets untold through those windows

Those windows are shaded by unneeded sunglasses

The barrier to the truth

The men and women of a time remembered

A self-discovery of who she is

What she inherited

She looks again

Someone opens the blinds

And smiles back

Her irises dance

She thought she’d see tears

But tears don’t hide behind these eyes

Recognition, joy, loving, knowing and wanting

All live in this house

Her soul’s been waiting for this day

Please come in it says, welcome home

Touched by a Faery

Where are my faery friends when I need them

A mental call out into the wind

A being appears, covered in leaves small and bright

Green and white with peering eyes

He hops on the bench right next to me to read my text

He approves with a nod

His feet hang slightly over the edge

He motions for me to hear my request

I respond in thought

His face lights up all big and bright

He says “you have come to the right place”

“I will guide you”

I open my heart to feel his words

He fills my heart with more than words

I see a vision, pristine visions

Crystal clear waters appear