Faery Cards of Day


Some days I randomly pull from the deck to see what comes up. Other times I ask a specific question. At this time I’ve been trying to make a decision about whether to move out-of-state. There is a lot to consider. I think sometimes people can get caught living in the past or future and lose focus on enjoying the present. At the end of the day the decision will become clear so I asked the question on how to live in the present at this moment. Below is my interpretation of the three cards above.

What do I need to know at this moment to live in the present?

There are no regrets when you live in the moment. Living in the moment will open unexpected doors. Use your spiritual senses to see these openings. There is light where you’re going. Sometimes you need to stumble in darkness before you get to the light.

Listen to the guidance that surrounds you. There is no need for outside counsel or friendly opinions. Clear your mind and hear his (spiritual guide) words. Picture him standing next to you and mapping out your next steps.

Listen to your intuition in dark times (early in morning).


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