Loss of an Eagle, Raise of a Phoenix

I knew time was coming
I heard it whispered in my ear
I braved the comment and didn’t look on with concern
There weren’t many I could tell and the ones I could I’m not sure they understood
Death ain’t a thing easily understood by the living
We grin and grimace like we do
We know we born to die
Yet we fight it hand, tooth and foot when it comes
I myself made peace with it when I saw your peace with it
I understood too but I didn’t
I heard you whisper ‘It’s God’s will’ as the phone hung up
I stared across the horizon looking for an answer to a question I still don’t know the words for
I was at attention but I didn’t hear any words
Too many background thoughts in the way
I went home and I paced
What do you do when there’s nothing you can do
You knew your child needed me
And I knew when God’s called action would appear
So I packed I ain’t had ish clean but I packed anyway
Momma was gone in body but not in spirit
And the vessel was needed for an assignment
Like a solider waiting for his instructions
The plan had already been made
I grabbed my Bible and put it on my front seat
He gone save some lives with this
Use me as you see fit, allow the greatest good to come from this


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