Lessons Learned: Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia Skyline1 – The life I am accustomed to can change at any point.  Change although sometimes painful is not always bad.

2 – Love is possible in any circumstances.  I learned to forgive quicker and love unconditionally.

3 – I don’t have to make excuses for myself or people I love.  I learned to let go of people and situations sooner.  You cannot receive the new if you holding on to the old.

4 – Loving yourself is priceless.  Speaking up and being honest with yourself allows you to be honest with other people.

5 – My dreams are there for a reason, I will follow whatever I love even if it makes no sense (or cents).

6 – I can rebound from anything.  Everything seems harder when you are in the midst of it.  You can let it defeat you or learn to be thankful for the experience (eventually).

7 – I am more powerful than I thought I was. Power comes in more than one form; love is power; forgiveness is power; self-awareness is power; feminine energy is powerful.

8 – Nobody’s perfect and  judgment does not help.  In the past I’ve judged my own actions more than anyone else could.  I learned to stop judging myself.

9 – I am capable of asking for what I need and deserve in relationships.  I am able to walk (or crawl) away when it no longer fits.  Compromising what I value or believe creates an internal struggle.

10 – I can be kind and love unconditionally anyone I’ve perceived to have hurt me in the past.  It may require dealing with them on different terms but its possible.

11 – I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Every experience is meant to take me to or from a specific destination.