Year of the Horse

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I don’t always rely on logic.  For at least a year I’ve had visions of horses.  I’m not exactly sure of the connection but I’m familiar with the horse when she appears.  Some days she’s white other days she’s brown with white spots.  I let her lead me forward.  I trust her senses.
My reality is slightly different from the visions.  I found a place offering horseback riding lessons.  It’s owned by a mother and daughter team. It’s fascinating to watch these women command the respect of these thousand pound powered animal.  I love to watch them in motion from a distance.
Today was my first lesson.  I was introduced to Sky a brown and white mare with blue eyes.  Describing my initial feeling as nervous is an understatement.  For the most part we cooperated.  I say we because there was a need for me to work on my nervousness.  Horse are sensitive and react to your energy.  There is a trusting and bonding phase that must take place.  She has to trust I won’t lead her into danger.  I have to trust her intent is not to harm me.
Sky responded to my nervousness mainly by not stopping on command.  She shook her head wildly which didn’t help. It just caused me to tighten up instead of being loose.  Horses can feel the tension in your legs.  Eventually she seemed cooperative and she allowed me to lead her somewhat.  It did help that the owner was close by with a more commanding voice than my own along with reinforcement in the form of a whip.  It’s a process.  I’m sure this is leading somewhere.  There is a connection between what I’ve seen prior to now and what I’m doing at the moment.  I just can’t put my finger on it for now.




Same Destination

In the dream my sister was with me.  We were running from something but in search of something as well.  At the time these were two unknowns.  We were extremely athletic and able to jump and leap at great heights.   We went into a department store at some point.  We leaped to the top of shelves to prevent being  caught.  People started to be pushed into the store.  As they came in a huge ball of something would explode on them.  She and I didn’t talk but knew we needed to get out the door.  We saw two people grab bicycles and peddle out so we followed suit but got separated in the process.  I peddled for blocks before I saw her behind me, she was coming from a different angle.

As I awoke I heard these words ‘Your physical body will need to be at its height for your spiritual work’

The bicycle is symbolic of a mode of transportation powered by your own physical strength, you become the engine. When you are on a bike you learn to become in sync with your environment, you reestablish connection with the spiritual world.  Your spiritual antennas activate and you are able to ask and receive guidance if you choose.

My sister represents a part of me in the dream that I became disconnected from at some point. However, she was also where I least expected to find her.  We’d split momentarily but ultimately had the same destination so our paths allowed us to cross again.  I didn’t focus on what appeared to be a loss I unknowingly kept moving forward and was rewarded by finding her right behind me still supporting me.  It was as if no time had passed and she had always been there.