Women Who Run With Wolves
Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype
By Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

It took me almost a year to complete all five hundred pages.  This book is one of those game changers for me.  I took my time and slowly digested the concepts.  It changed my view of myself as a woman and allowed my hidden version of my wild woman archetype to step forward.  It also lead to my current year theme of self liberation.  This book is about reconnecting with your instinctual nature as a woman.  It highlights implanted ideas and contrast them to what it means to be a woman living from her creative center.  This has become my feminine bible, a guide-book of sorts leading the way to my new promised land.

I was led to my own level of contemplation imprinted with questions from the book as well as my own consciousness to ponder.  Contemplation has led to a recurring reflection of the following 14.  I breathe these 14 these days. I wonder how many will resonate with other readers.

What key if you knew it would bring you into consciousness?
What do you keep hidden from yourself?
What lies hidden in the people around me?
What lies hidden in the people who show up in my life? What is the pattern?
Do I sabotage my own efforts? How? Why so?
Where am I killing my inner self and my own creative energy?
In what ways do I siphon off my own energy?
Besides becoming aware of it, what are the next steps?
How do I kill off my energy in relationships with other pep?
At what point does the saboteur step in?
Am I living my divine life?
How often do I live between worlds, old life vs new life?
Do you still peek at my old life?
Have you killed off the old to allow new life to take root?

These 14 have helped me to change my view of my story.  The life that exist for me is the one I create.  I now know that it is time to write my own story.  I am aware of where I have given my power away in the past.  I am also now aware that their is honor in being a woman walking in her own time and space.

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