My Magical Garden

Some call it an altar. I call it my magical garden. It is a true reflection of who I am at this moment. The place where I plant my seeds. Each item has its place and all things live and breath as one in my garden. I am the nurturer constantly tilling over my metaphorical soils. 

Mirror is a reminder of the need for self reflection.

Purple unicorn is to remember to run wild and free. It also reminds me that I can fly to heaven or hell as I see fit. 

Mermaid reminds me that I am of the water and from the water. I am by birth a water sign so she protects and watches over my crystals. 

Crystals remind me that I can be found in all things and all forms of the earth. Different crystals change my perspective and feelings. 

Seashells are similar to crystals.  If you put them to your ear they will tell you a story.  Seashells are a reminder to go within to hear your inner voice. 

Plants help me bring the abundance of outside in. The are both reminders of prosperity and light. They make me smile and remind me to breathe. 

My treasure chest is where I keep my more sacred tools. It contains my tarot cards and faery dust. As well as any other sacred items I do not want others to touch.  All are reminders that we are magical. 

Blue pyramid to host my creative thoughts and hone in a higher energy. It is also a reminder of where I originated from many moons ago.  Although I’ve never been, my meditations take me there quite often. 

Candles to focus on bringing to life my current thoughts. Manifestions in motion.  A reminder that I can create the life I want. 

Red Buddha are my protectors. They remind me that happiness is a choice.  

A vase of water to absorb any negative energy. 

I own more than one sacred space in my home. I expand and contract as needed. I only keep what I currently use. What’s on your altar? Share your photos of your sacred space. 


Creating Abundance

I am an avid reader.  Books are my first love so I always find time to get lost in the pages.  This is a must read and by far one of the best pieces of literature I’ve found in 2016.  

My biggest takeaway is that this book had nothing to do with money.  It was more about cultivating the thoughts needed to bring about change in your life.  The lessons learned were truly a confirmation that we create our life with our thoughts and if it is money you seek then it is money you will find.  I love how the author made the connection to changing your thoughts and finding your purpose as the true means of creating abundance.  Their is a wealth of wisdom, affirmation and encouragement found throughout the book.  I feel more prepared to create the next chapter of my life as a result of finding this treasure. 

Some words of wisdom 

  • You are a creator, constantly creating your life with source everyday
  • Your thoughts create your life, what you focus on is what you project and produce 
  • The moment you focus your attention, magic starts to happen 
  • Think it. Visualize it. Write it. Speak it. Thank it.  Surrender it. 
  • This is an exercise of love

Happy reading my friends!!!