37 Days and Counting

I have no plans.  I should say I have an outline of what happens after I leave my traditional job. I’ve been talking about the universe for years now.  I figure I’d see where it leads me.  I am no longer nervous about what happens next.  When I say this people do not believe me but it’s the truth.

My outline includes visiting family, traveling, doing some yoga, meditation and seeing what comes to mind.  My outline makes no mention of looking for another traditional job.  I’ve decided that part of my life is over.  Nonetheless I’ve had many ideas come to mind since I made this decision.  My dreams are back as well.  I get a lot of spiritual messages in my dreams.   In the last couple years my dreams have not been consistent so this is a good sign.  I am also seeing repeating number sequences to nudge me along the way (222, 333, 414).  I believe every new directions starts as a thought or in non physical form before it manifest into physical reality.

I had to check my track record. In the last few years every non physical nudging I’ve received as soon as I set the wheels in motion things worked out better than I could have imagined.  I’ve put out to the universe what I would like my new life to look like.  The list includes being happy and at peace.  I ask for that a lot these days.  These are my must haves.  I am officially 37 days away from my new life.