Sacred Choices

The choices I make for my life are sacred. I look for no one to validate what is best for me.  I am private, it is my right to share with others what I want them to know. So if you are in your feelings about it I love you anyway. When you get done I will still love you and I will still share what I want when I want. 

I decided today to share with close friends that I’ve been writing a spiritual blog for five years. Most of the responses were overwhelmingly positive but I got a couple of lukewarm replies and I understand. Even though I require no one to share their everything with me, some loved ones play by a different set of rules. Somehow they think my life choices are about them…insert puzzled face. 

There are things about my life that I hold sacred, this spiritual blog being one. I understand everyone is not into it and when I first started the blog I was scared of judgement. I was writing about my feelings, my relationships and transformations occurring in my life. My spiritual gifts were developing.  How do you say to someone ‘one day I woke up and could hear dead people’..inserts puzzled look. Or I am aware of things that I cannot see with my physical eyes.  So excuse me for holding this blog as sacred space. This blog is my platform. It is my outlet. My blog is untraditional and I wasn’t ready to share that part of my life with everyone. At the time it seemed safer to share it with strangers. I have evolved since then. My life is going in a different direction. I now chose to be transparent with everyone. It is my right. You do not get to decide for me. 

My mother asked me was I married. It’s a fair question. I felt no kind of way because she understands there are somethings about me she may not be privy to.  It was on purpose and by choice.  I decided a year ago to quit my job some only found out today that it is written.  So please do not take my decisions personal. They are not about you. When you love someone unconditionally you allow them to be who they are even if you do not truly know who they are.  15 Days and Counting…

Peace and Blessings 


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