Name Your Price

Name Your Price

I made my departure official by putting it in writing this week.  The next day I was approached with the idea of a “stay bonus”.  When I was chasing money it might have piqued my interest but these days I’m chasing freedom and purpose.  There was no pause from me, the response was immediately no.  I didn’t even ask how much as I explained that my choice was not about money.  My choice is centered around an internal prompting, my own inner voice saying “it’s now or never”. The phrases seems so cliche but I’ve done the play by play in my head already.   I know how the story ends if I stay on my current career path. I could possibly work another 20 years dreaming about the day I will get the courage to take another path. I can continue to like my job for about 2-3 years before I hate coming to that particular job. I already don’t like the people I work with. I’ve been over my staff for at least a year.  If I choose to stay on the same path, I can look for another job with another group of people.  I can continue the cycle of dreaming, wanting and being comforted by the illusion I’ve created.  Or I could step out into the unknown.

My time is now.  I’ve been standing on the diving board for at least a year waiting for the right time to jump into the water.  At what point do you stop chasing material things and start investing in your happiness.  I am a product of my environment.  I was taught to get one good job and stay until you retire.  This paradigm is no longer my generation’s reality.  We get to chose now. We get to decide if we want one job or twenty.  We get to decide if we want a nine to five or to work remotely.  We get to decide if we want to work in an office or work on the beach.  We get to change our minds.  We get to be comfortable making others uncomfortable with our decisions.

We also have the option of not working at all.  When you find purpose you will never work another day in your life.  I knew I found purpose when I could do this everyday for free.  I knew I found purpose when I chose this over being with family and friends at times.  I tend to lose interest in my adventures after about a year.  I still wake up and think about my purpose.  I think about what I can do better.  How I can brand myself to reach the more people in a short amount of time.  How do you put a price on that?

I rhetorically ask you today to name your price.  What is important to you?  What do you gain by staying in a career, a relationship, a city, a house or an unhealthy state of mind or body that does not give purpose or bring you happiness?  I’ve had many interest over the years.  I’ve started many businesses (mostly in private).  I only found what gave me purpose by trying everything.  What I can share with you is, you will not find your purpose until you follow what interest you.  You will not find happiness by staying where it’s comfortable.  There is no formula. It is just another part of the journey within the self.  If you set the intentions and follow it, you will find it.

Peace and Blessing


13 Days and Counting

I am the chosen one. In every family there is one destined to bring about change and create new pathways. I move fearlessly into the wild. I am clearing the way for more to follow. I am clearing the way for my family to have options.  I am the hope others need to make it possible for them to follow their heart. The universe guides me. I am spiritually supported. I am the chosen one. I am protected.

Peace and Blessings