7 Days and Counting 


I’m so excited.  Everywhere I go I’m telling anyone that will listen.  This is a huge step and it feels right.  The outpouring of support is amazing.  I had a long talk with a close friend and was literally cross-examined on every piece of my plan.  The questions were far-reaching but I had a response for every question.  I feel like I have an airtight plan but it’s also flexible enough to make immediate adjustments when needed.  Some people are just the messenger.  This become for me a divine coaching session in a series of final gut checks.  I have literally thought through every scenario.  I have a plan A, B, C and D if not more.  I am pursuing at least three avenues to diversify my options.  All things complement each other yet there is enough diversity to prevent the ‘all eggs in one basket’ syndrome.  I have been quitting my job for 16 years.  On paper I have started at least 5 other businesses prior to this.  This is the first one that made sense and fuels my passion.  I have no regrets, each step was divinely meant to bring me to this point.  I am not looking back.  There is only forward movement.  I am living in the  present moment as I began to live my life outloud.  One can only succeed when they get pass the fear of failure.

I am perfectly positioned to pursue the next steps in my life.  I am in alignment with my purpose.

Peace and Blessings