Living In Between the Lines

I want to live in between the lines for a bit.  I think what I look forward to most is a resting place.  Not the typical one and a half days we get between Friday and Monday. Sundays don’t count as a full day because you spend the second half of it preparing for Monday.  I truly want to rest and regroup.  No phones, no internet, no tv, no car…just in between the lines with nowhere to go but on purpose.  I want to be able to purposely choose to sit in between the lines.  No schedule, no bills, no deadlines, no check ins even if just for a while.  I want to rest for a bit.  I know how yesterday looks, tomorrow is unknown.  I want to live in the place between yesterday and tomorrow.  I want to live in between the lines.

4 Days and Counting

Peace and Blessings