3 Days and Counting

I am an inspiration to others.  While I am not the first person to move from part time to full time business owner, I have had so many people find inspiration in my choice.  I get asked often how is your transition possible?  Can you afford to quit your job?  Do you have a lot of money?  My response is when you are afraid to lose nothing then you are ready to gain everything.  When I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself, it wasn’t time.  When I was afraid that I would be starting from bottom, it wasn’t tme.  When I was afraid just to be afraid, it still was not time.  The moment I decided I was not afraid of any of those things then I immediately shifted to it’s time.

Fear can hold us in place even when it’s not true.  We can spend so much time overanalyzing and waiting for the perfect time that we miss the perfect time.  I experienced spiritual nudgings and each one was preparing me for this moment.  I had to practice not being afraid.  I had to practice trusting the universe.  This had to happen so that I could share with other people.  Sometimes people want your life but don’t want your experiences.  Please know the Creator want all to live in alignment with their highest good.  When we make the choice to follow it everything else falls into place.

3 Days and Counting

Peace and Blessing



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