Trust The Process

When you allow the spirit to lead some things become non-negotiable.  I am one day away from my last day.  The company I work for was bought by another company about 10 months ago.  My office in Atlanta only consist of our former Accounting, Finance and IT groups.  Our new corporate office is in San Diego.
I knew when I saw the lady from HR something was awry.  We were called into a meeting to find out the Accounting function I have been leading for three years will be moved to San Diego by September.  As the news spread, I allowed it to sink in.  I was reminded by Coach Kelli that this was a lesson in trusting the process.  This is why I didn’t need to know what was being offered as stay money a few weeks ago.  My spirit said it was time and I was obedient.
I’ve known for at least a year it was time to move forward.  I struggled with my decision because I genuinely like my boss and felt guilty about leaving her to follow my spiritual nudges. The longer I stayed the angrier I got.  I was becoming irritated by everything and everybody.  I wanted to be left alone.  I had good days but I also had bad days.  I had to wrap my mind around my reality.  This job was no longer a fit and I was only buying time by sacrificing my peace.  When the Creator tells you to move and you don’t move, you become uncomfortable.  Things start going not so right.  I made excuse after excuse on why it wasn’t time. The whole while secretly resenting the person I was staying for.  The character of my staff was being revealed to me. The character of the new company was being revealed to me.  I was stressed and burned out.  Yet I stayed because I wasn’t ready to let go.  One thing we all will learn, you can either move willingly or be moved unwillingly.  I’m glad I chose to move.
It took the last 90 days of 2016 for me to wrap my mind around what I was being asked to do.  Then I woke up January 14th and wrote out my 90 day plan.  I knew by the end of March, I needed to be out of the building.  I did not know why.  I didn’t ask.  When the Creator asks you to trust, you are not always given the why.  I knew this by heart because I had been at this crossroad before.  I had been asked to let go before and everytime I initially struggled.  I would eventually accept and let go.  That did not make this time any easier.  Each time I remind myself that when I finally let go something greater happened. Something that made letting go well worth it.   That morning in January I knew it was time.
Once I go into planning mode, my mind is made up.  It is my way of confirming to the universe that I hear them and I am ready for my instructions.  The planning is for my mind not for my spirit.  My spirit is guiding, I had to get my mind in alignment. My first step was to write my resignation letter.  I wrote it that day.  I saved it on my computer.  I dated it March 31st and printed it.  I do not know why I choose that day.  On February 14th, exactly thirty days later, I had a conversation with my boss that I took as confirmation for my decision.  I expressed that day that I was creating my exit and would be out of the building in 60 days.  She thought it was mindless chatter, even smirked and later asked me what was my date.  I said with no hesitation April 14th.  The way I said it made her sit up in alarm. I did not smile or smirk.  Family and friends couldn’t believe my honestly but I was living and breathing in a different space.  Again I did not know why I choose that day.
You may see this as coincidence but I see this as synchronicities.  I see these as confirmations from the universe.  Today April 13th, my department found out we were losing our jobs.  While different stages of shock set in with everyone else, I was at peace. I was thankful.  I walked with my head up.  My plan was already made.  There was no need for me to react.  No need to feel anger because I was taken care of.  The Creator had already spoken over me.  I was asked again what was my price and my response was non-negotiable.
I trust I made the right decision.  I trust I am perfectly positioned.  Today I know I am a free woman.  I now know why.  I am ready to take my destiny in my own hands.  No turning back only forward movement.  I say to all trust the process.
Peace and Blessings

One thought on “Trust The Process

  1. I am so proud of you! You said I was living and breathing from a different space. That’s what it feels like walking and operating in your purpose!

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