Shifting Priorities


My new life is not all business.  My goal is to work 20-25 hours a week so that I can reconnect with family and friends.  I plan to have a better quality of life and that includes family and friends.  I am better able to create sabbaticals that include loved ones.  In the past, I have seen these times as sacred times and have shut out others for my solo time and space.  As I redirect my life and move more in alignment with my purpose, my sacred times must include the living beings I hold sacred as well.
I spent a few days on the beach this week.  The beach I choose was in close proximity to an aunt that I hadn’t seen in over five years.  In honesty I hadn’t spent much time with her because I’ve been caught up in my own life as many of us are.  We talked for four hours straight.  It was like catching up on a lifetime of missed phone calls and missed opportunities.  I realized where some of my sassiness comes from.  I thought it came from my mom but who knew I inherited some of it from my dad’s youngest sister.  Our connections with are siblings had many similarities.  I felt a sense of sadness as I drove off into the sunset.  I am not sure if it was hers or mine.   What I do know is it won’t take me another five years to see her.  I’ll make sure I visit more often.
Yesterday I ended my work day early for a two-hour drive to Montgomery Alabama.  I am the closest family for my cousin who attends Alabama State University.  She texted me last week to give me an excuse if I wanted to change my mind.  She was attempting to lower her expectations and not make me feel obligated.  She tried to tell me why it would be too much for me to come on April 20th to support her boyfriend’s fraternity probate and again on May 3rd for her dance performance.  What she doesn’t understand is that I’ve already chosen family and friends over long hours and a life filled with regret.  I have my priorities in order and I wouldn’t miss the invitation at this point in my life unless it was necessary.  I know first hand what it feels like to be hundreds of miles from the nearest family.  I also know that my presence lights her spirit and allows her to feel less alone and more connected.  I wouldn’t miss her invitations for the world.  My new life gave me nine hours to spare.  Time well spent in God’s eyes.
Finally after at least six years I am Dallas bound.  I am going to see my sister-friends and their babies.  Three children without the experience of their long-lost aunt, to caught up in her own world to visit.  My new life means new beginnings.  The first step to realignment and priority shifts.  In 2017, I am taking time to reinvest in myself and the people who love and support me.  If I can fly to China surely I can find a way to see my extended family that live in the same country.  I choose family.  I choose to shift my priorities.
New life new beginnings.
Peace and Blessings

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