Flexible Schedule Unfocused Mind

Week 2 is getting off to a rough start.  I have plenty to do, calls to return, appointments to schedule and events to attend.  My ‘to do’ list continues to expand.  I have 2 missed calls, 6 missed text and 4 missed glides (an app my friends and I use for group chats).  Monday was a wash because I traveled back from Dallas that morning.  By the time I got settled at home it was after 12pm.  I planned to attend an event last night but was too drained to get it together.

Today started off promising even though I didn’t wake up until 6am. Everything was scattered around my apartment so I decided to straighten up a bit.  It’s hard to focus in a disheveled space.  Plus I prefer to clean first thing in the morning so I can come home to a tidy place. Cleaning was a part of my ritual to start my day in my former vocation.  I washed dishes, swippered floors, organized clothes, set up my meditation and yoga space. Two hours later I had to mentally force myself to take a seat to regroup.  I somehow hadn’t even gotten to my mat time and was still far from starting my ‘work day’.  After about 10 minutes I pulled out my notebook to see what was needed for the day.  I wrote one thing down then absent-mindedly stumbled down on the mat.

I turned on the music but felt annoyed and decided I’d listen to the birds instead.  I jumped up to opened the windows.  I sat back down for my yoga opener.  Ten minutes later I was folding clothes.  I don’t even remember when I drifted off the mat.  I stopped folding and got back on the mat.  Glazing at my watch I promised myself 30 minutes on the mat then I’d start my day.  I picked up where I left off and immediately went into pigeon pose. I listened to my body and allowed it to guide me from pose to pose.  After 45 minutes, I ended my yoga sequence in dancer’s pose.  I cannot hold dancer’s pose for long but as I switched sides I knew it was necessary for me to leave the apartment.  I became very aware of my lack of focus.  Although I  had candles burning and sage smudging in the background I mentally drifted in and out of focus.

Standing on the edges of my new life awareness is key.  There are many reasons why people decide to start a business.  I started my business to have freedom and flexibility in mind, body and spirit.  Freedom and flexibility are not useful if you aren’t focused.  I love ending my day at 2pm if needed or starting it at 5pm if I choose to.  Today’s awareness allowed me to see freedom and flexibility still need some level of structure, parameters and balance.  Lucky for me I’d already scoped out a few locations with some level of structure.  I headed out the door in ripped jeans, flips flops and a “sleep is for suckas” t-shirt.  Time to get to work.

Peace and Blessing