A Day In The Life Of…

I will be honest I don’t know whose life this is.  At times I feel scattered and all over the place but in a good way.  What I liked about my previous vocation was the structure and routine.  I knew one week out of every month I would be extremely busy.  I probably would have some level of stress, might lose a little sleep and I was definitely going to be eating something fried, cheesy or laced in chocolate.  Once it was over I’d go back to my zen life for another three weeks.

This new life so far involves very little stress in the traditional sense. My stress these days is related to what shoes or shirt to wear to which event.  I have a love-hate relationship with camera phones.  You damn near have to throw your clothes away after someone gets a snapshot of you.  You try explaining why you have the same shirt on in three different photos from three different venues.  This is extent of my current stress and even that is minimum.  However, my life seems all over the place.  My sleep pattern is all over the place.  The schedule I posted a week ago didn’t apply at all this week.  Things definitely got better after Tuesday.  I attended the following four out of the seven scheduled events this week.

  • Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Freedom from Fibroids
  • SBA: Contracting With The Government
  • Melanin MeetUp and Black Bloggers United

Each event left it’s own imprint on my thoughts.  In the midst of these events I lost track of time in a few places.  I had a thirty minute photoshoot that lasted three hours.  I decided based on the photographer’s energy to just go with the flow.  She was intrigued by my story and I had four hours to kill. She started her business three years ago yet somehow Groupon and my need to save a few bucks brought us together.  Her energy felt familiar, like talking to an old friend.  While prepping her space she told me to turn on any music I liked.  I chose Future’s Pandora Station.  I hesitated at first but he had gotten me through the week.  Whenever I needed to focus and tune out the world, I could zone out to the sound of his voice for three hour blocks of time to get work done.  Three hours flew by quickly and the photos turned out amazing.  I also walked away with a new friend.

The next day I spent three hours in an empty bar.  I found peace halfway through my frozen margarita.  I silently wondered what kind of life the other ten people in the bar live.  Time escaped me for awhile but it was a much needed break from the five hours I’d just spent in a stuffy room full of small business owners.  I pondered awhile on whose idea it was to put 50-60 people in a room for five hours with no snacks and no water. Either way I felt gratitude toward the bartender and tequila for helping me find my happy place.  This was my version of Namaste N’ Sip.

I ended the week with my monthly Namaste N’ Shop class.  The class went well.  I had four first timers.  I felt honored that they chose to spend time under my guidance.  I had to run home afterwards to change clothes for a Melanin Meetup and Black Bloggers United event.  I was an hour late.  When I arrive I initially was not feeling the vibe.  The hostesses were very inviting and their presence helped.  I wasn’t sure about everyone else’s energy so I stayed on the fringes of the group.  I did perk up once the three guest speakers began.  They were transparent seemed and down to earth.  They shared their experiences and answered questions. On the way to the car I reflected on their collective journey’s.  I felt a connection and it instantly made this week well worth it.

This week was different from last week.  I’d like to believe all roads are leading somewhere great.  It seems a little sketchy but I am a three dimensional character.  If you’ve read my previous post you know my interest vary and change accordingly.  I genuinely loving learning and experiencing new things.  The entrepreneurs path shall be no different.  After every event I get a new idea and potential opportunities rise to the surface.  Each time I pondered on how to incorporate what I just learned into my current journey, how can to share it or where to store it for a later date.  I’m not sure that I believe in coincidences.  I do not think we show up in places by mistake.  There is a consciousnesses we are aware and an unconsciousness that moves us according to what’s of our highest good.  Either way I don’t question it.  A day in the life is never dull… I am still working on my new routine.

Peace and Blessings


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