Spiritual Tool Bag

In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed my need for my spiritual tools.  My sacred pieces to remind me that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Last week I started carrying turquoise. This week I found my celestite. Spiritual tools speak to your subtle bodies and create a clear line of communication with other realms.

I’ll be honest I haven’t been meditating like I want to. I haven’t been able to sit for long periods of time. I can’t remember the last time I sat in silence for more than an hour. I know I’m being guided but I’ve been unsure about my connection. It’s kind of like when you’re on a call and you say can you hear me now? You start yelling in the phone because you don’t hear a response. So you either move to a different location or hang up to call back in hopes of a better connection.  Sometimes you want the truth to smack you in the face. Right now I need my guidance to smack me in the face and to show up in more concrete ways. The only way I know how to get it is by digging in my tool bag. I’m pulling out my crystals and reconnecting to them.  I’m re-reading my spiritual text and focusing on the spinning in my chakras. I need a dial tone to make sure nothing is blocking the line.  My spiritual tools will provide the connection that I need.

There are a variety of spiritual tools that exist. The best way to find them is to set an intention to find what you need at the current moment.  I have over the years collected everything from crystals to faery dust. When I visit other cities and countries I look for objects that capture the essence of that experience.  Then I bring that object in my home as a sacred object.  I collected sea shells from certain beaches.  I have bracelets, genie lamps, tarot cards, Hindu and Buddhist statues.  I have pictures of Egyptian gods, mother earth, and sacred text.  All those things have brought about a higher awareness of who I am and how I am connected to all people and all things. I’ve discovered awareness through dreams, writing, and silence.  The objects remind me to go within to hear what’s next. Anything you feel an affinity towards that brings about change and awareness is a spiritual tool.  What tools do you use?

Peace and Blessings