Networking For The Attuned: Day 3

Location made this event worth a peak. It was hosted by a new group and it was five minutes from my house. I love how this place is decorated and I’ve been here quite a few times.  The space however always seems empty.  I would put this on my list of places to go to read a good book. You can sit for hours undisturbed. It was the same with this event. However, I did like the host. He was very personable and took time to make me feel welcomed.  The welcomes stopped there.

The other attendees kind of had a low vibe going. There was no eye contact and not many people seemed friendly.  I immediately scanned the room and b-lined to my spot. Which basically meant I found a corner and blank stared at the other attendees.  I started to do my typical body scan. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. So I started to body scan other people. We have the ability to listen to and/or read the energy of other people in the room. It will seem as if your imagination is running wild and you are making up a story about a stranger. However know there is a lot of truth in what you intuition and imagination are providing to you.

I could tell the lady in front of me had some insecurities. The guy to my left seemed angry. A couple of people were chatting but it felt very inauthentic to me. I shifted my attention to the bar. A lady approached me she was upbeat but blunt about why she was there. She was looking for customers and steadfast on getting to the point. I decided to listen to her spill at least she was talking. When she got done the angry guy let us know that he thought this event sucked. It was a small group and he felt like he was wasting his time. He was beyond annoyed and said he was leaving.  I turned back to the bar and they both drifted off.

Hunger kept me in place so I ordered food. Ordering food also meant I would be stuck at this event for a while longer. A couple of people arrived and a few others departed. The few people I met had the same ‘I’m just here to get customers’ vibration. I received about four cards in total and expended absolutely no effort toward getting them. I can’t remember a name or face. I turned my attention inward and toward the other people at the bar.

What I learned

  • Eat before you leave home that way you aren’t tied into a waiting game.
  • I observed more of what not to do.  I didn’t like the “I’m just here for clients” vibe so I decided to spend more time focusing on my approach.
  • It is also time for me to set some realistic goals and objectives to my networking plan. The host mentioned how he read books to learn how.  I believe shifting will create better results for me.

Peace and Blessings