Networking For The Attuned: Day 4

I was a bit ambitous with my inital schedule in thinking I could handle seven events in seven days.  There is a part of me that still requires me to shut down and regroup in between all these new interactions. It’s a draining feeling.  Not that these experiences are draining but they are eye opening. Anytime you are open spiritually and sensitive to other people’s frequency there is a certain amount of time you need to get back into your own space and body.  I geniunely did not feel like attending what I had planned. I didn’t think it would have been the best use of my time.  So I decided to extend my timeline into next week.  Since I usually have three to four events planned a week I can still share those experiences.

At any rate my fourth networking event was an empowerment expo in Washington DC.  I volunteered because I wanted to see the inner workings of the how it was being organized and executed. This was one of the best events I’ve attended so far and it has so far out ranked any other expo I’ve attended in 2017. We were paired with another person throughout the event.  Divine connections occurred fluently throughout the eight hours I was there.  The lady felt familiar and it felt like I was geniuenly catching up with a friend I’d known all my life.  We talked about everything our backgrounds, careers, relationships and even other people.  She even went so far as to grab my business cards to share them with passing attendees.  Of course I brought them with plans of networking but she went above and beyond.  I could only laugh as I watched her bring person after person over to meet me. I was so impressed I asked if she could train my future marketing team on her tactics. I don’t know if it was her sense of humor or delirium that kept her going.  She arrived at the expo at the end of her ten hour shift. I had the best time of my life with this complete stranger.

We were in charge of handling one of the break out sessions.  While waiting for our sessions to began we were able to attend other session, meet vendors, speakers, attendees and other volunteers.  The vibe of the conference was very spiritual and empowering.  The beings attracted to the conference were a geniune reflection of this in speech, mannerism and action.  Our backgrounds were very diverse yet our energy was all in one accord.  I felt mutually drawn to certain individuals and every conversation was something I needed to fill up my tank to continue on my path of entrepreneurship. It was like walking with hundreds of men and women who either had found their passion or were on the brink of their break through.  That commonality was feeding ground for my spirit. In eight hours I can’t say that I had one bad experience.  At the end I felt energerized as opposed to drained.  I met mentors, physical therapist, spiritual mediums, authors, entrepreneurs, public speakers and a pilot.

What I learned from this experience is that you can find your passion in any vocation that you choose. One of the speakers said passion is what creates an emotion in you.  It can be an experience that lead you to perserve and conquer or it can be something you draw inspiriation from.  She suggested that listening to your emotions was the key to finding your passion.  When I thought back on my experience I had to agree. I personally was looking for a solution to stress, grief and other inflexibilities that existed in my life and body at the time. This search lead me to yoga and meditation.  Yoga and meditiation lead me to my authentic self. The impact is what I want to share with others. In the quietness of your being exist the life you were destined to live or you can choose to live according to the streotypes that were provided. This event was about remembering me what lead me here.

Peace and Blessings


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