Networking For The Attuned: Day 5 & 6

The fifth and sixth days consisted of an intimate follow up meetings and a new networking genre. Lately I’ve come across quite a few people who want to hear my story. They want to know how I got started and how I made my final decision to walk in my purpose.  I thought it would be pretty cool to create a book about my story and the lives of several other people who have walked this path before me. I’ve strategically chosen a list of people and stories that inspire and motivate me. I had my first meeting with an individual that falls in this category.  She has an amazing story and talked a lot about the legacy she is creating for her family.  She was warm and very transparent. Her authenticity became apparent from her first words and smile. I agreed with her philosophy on life, relationships and entrepreneurship.  Our meeting went very well. 

My time as a panelists from last weeks networking event actually sparked what is now another new chapter in my life. For the first time in my life I want to talk and I want others to hear what I have to say.  I’ve always been reserved and in the background but I think I discovered a new element in my purpose. 

The new element is directly related to the throat chakra of speaking my truth.  The throat chakra is one of seven subtle energy portals that exist around the body.  This chakra in throat area directly impacts our communication.  An open throat chakra means you are able to communicate effectively without fear of judgment or fear of being misunderstood. A blocked chakra means we are unable to express our true thoughts or we are holding back from telling others are true needs and desires. I spent a lot of time working on my throat chakra over the last few years because I grew up in a ‘child should be seen and not heard’ house.  Therefore writing and journalizing was my outlet. Public speaking not only pushes me out of my comfort zone but it also creates new possibilities. No longer would I have to only express my thoughts though writing. I now want to shout them to the world.  I now have something to say. 

I decided to join a group geared toward public speaking to get me prepared. The members in the room come from various backgrounds. Some had specific events they want to focus on while others attended to just increase their overall confidence and technical skills. The group was fun and energetic. We started with icebreakers and finished with listening to a variety of interesting topics. Everyone was warm and inviting. I walked away knowing I would return because there was much for me to learn. 

I learned that since I have more time to be creative, people and opportunities to further my purpose seem to be appearing much quicker.  I am developing and improving what already lived inside of me. When you are following your purpose you are also a vessel that spirit can use to reach others. It takes more than one day or one person to change the world, rather it takes a collective consciousness to move all things forward. 

Peace and Blessings