Working Out The Trunk

I’m learning how to work effectively on the go.  I spend a lot of time in my car going from class to appointment to an event. My hours get sketchy based on my schedule but the in between work still needs to be done. My in between work includes everything from checking emails,  recording expenses, returning calls, following up on leads or looking for creative spaces to host my classes. I’m actually writing this while sitting in traffic.

I’m a fan of 90s hip hop and I never fully understood the concept of selling CDs out the trunk until now.  This was an artistic way of describing the life of a mobile entrepreneur.  These entrepreneurs had to travel to be heard.  They couldn’t wait for an opportunity to show up at their door.  They had to go out and find opportunity. Their vehicle became their office or an extension of their workspace. Symbolically your car is a natural extension of who you are at the moment.  It is a reflection of how you get from place to place. Metaphorically not only does it reveal how you are moving through life but it also reveals the direction you are taking.  Ironically I like my car I feel like it represents agility, strength, and power. I started to put in the car everything I would essentially need to run my business from behind the wheel.  I have yoga supplies, extra heels, suit jackets, workout clothes, car snacks, water, extra phone chargers, plenty of books, pens, and paper. There is nothing worse than getting across town and realizing you have to head back before intended. Also, some appointments end early or get canceled but it might not be feasible to travel from the area if you have other appointments in that same vicinity.  It’s easier just to park somewhere and work on what you can from where you are. My car is not only my workspace but also my central access point. I can unplug from the world and take a few moments to meditate.

What I learned is your workplace is where ever you are.  Working in my car is no different than working from the office or working remotely. I find my solace in my mini office. My life can exist from the trunk of my car.  I create my life where I need to. I am a mobile entrepreneur.

Peace and Blessings



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