Love Is My Religion



I am not a Buddhist but I believe in some Buddhist principles.

I am not a Hindi but I believe in some Hindi principles.

I am not a Christian but I believe in some Christian principles.

I am not Muslim but I believe in some Muslim principles.

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. JONATHAN SWIFT, Thoughts on Various Subjects from Miscellanies

Love is my religion. I believe in a higher power that goes by many names. My religion of love has many faces and messengers.  A few years ago, I researched the differences between the major world religions and concluded that the essence of the message is the same.  Each religion promotes its ideology in a context that’s understandable for their culture. After my research, there was no need to judge which one was better.  I allowed myself to accept and respect all religions. My acceptance and respect are not in contradiction to my own belief system, it actually expanded my perception of who I was and how I fit in the world. My only choice was to make love my religion. Love is a universal concept that’s bigger than my individual beliefs. Love expands my heart so that I can accept who stands before me.

Love is My Religion

Now more than ever we are being asked to exam our belief system. The time has come to eliminate the ideology that keeps the world separated and stagnated. I don’t have to recap current events for this statement to resonate with others.  The only solution is a shift from divisiveness to loving unity.  In truth divisiveness is a distraction, it has always been a distraction from authenticity.  Love does not diminish it actually lights the path to finding your place in the world.

Never be angry with your neighbor because his religious views differ from your own; for all the branches of a tree to not lean the same way.  WILLIAM SCOTT DOWNEY, Proverbs

I had the experience this past weekend of being judged by the symbols I surround myself with. I had a booth at an event in North Carolina. This was my first time in the city and I received an overall positive reception. However, I was also shocked by the response to a Buddha statue head that I displayed in my space. My intention is always to display peace and enlightenment.  In a world with so much noise, I want others to experience love and peace in my presence and in my sacred space.  A couple of people openly voiced their hesitation in approaching me because of the Buddha statue. When I was allowed to respond, I shared what this symbol represented for me. These teachable moments are what inspire me to keep showing up as my authentic self.  Perception is based on either personal experience or lack of exposure. As I continue to walk in love, I allow myself to be used as a vessel to change perceptions.  I accept my mission. I am a spiritual being having a human experience and love is my religion.

Peace and Blessings



Who Sent You


The people I’ve met over the last six months have been very colorful. Not in terms of their outward appearance but rather in terms of their experiences, exposure, and vibration. As I continue to evolve so does the caliber of beings who cross my path. One such being graced my Reiki table a few weeks ago. She entered my space with an honest skepticism.  She explained how she kept feeling drawn to me. She had already done research and hoped the Reiki session could potentially clear up some things in her life. In her search, she felt drawn to me several times until she finally decided to call. Her intuition brought her to my doorsteps and she felt she had made the right choice.

I shared my background with her allowing her to become comfortable with who I was. She was rightfully adamant about who she was allowed to touch her energy.  I explained how during the sessions I get spiritual insight and if she was open I would share it with her at the end.  She was open to the feedback so we proceeded.


In Reiki, I start at the top of the head and move from chakra to chakra until I reach the feet. Chakras are subtle energy centers that surround the body.  When I got to the third chakra, I started to feel a young kid in her energy field. It was a jovial little girl who appeared to be laughing and playing. She kept swinging her head from side to side. I felt an abundance of love and happiness as she danced around the room. At the end of the session I mentioned the little girl to my surprise she immediately lit up. I said you have a baby coming soon and it’s a little girl. She said she already knew what she would name her and everyone in her family already knew the name. I immediately felt a similarity in our paths. We spent the next hour exchanging stories about our lives and spiritual experiences. When she left I felt a sense of happiness. It reaffirmed that I was truly walking in my purpose and having an impact on the lives of others. It is my belief that no coincidences exist. We are always exactly where we need to be when we need to be there.

Peace and Blessings

I am a spiritual being having a human experience.


Living Breathing Vision



I have been doing vision boards for at least five years. I can look back to my first one and see how my vision for 2012 is now a part of my reality.  What I’ve learned in the last five years is that your vision board must become a part of your life.  It’s not as simple as slapping some pictures on cardboard as part of your new year’s resolution.  Your vision board is your accountability partner. As you have experiences and manifest your desires, your vision for your life should be evolving as well. You may find that some desires from the past no longer fit so your vision board helps you find a better fit. I see my vision board as a continuum that I am constantly reviewing and adjusting based on where I am in the present moment.

My first vision book was mainly written words with one page of pictures and I used it from 2012-2014.  I started my current vision book in 2015 and it’s mainly pictures with small sections of written words throughout to further define my vision. When I meditate it’s easier to picture how I want my life so the photos become a quicker reference point. Since I am still manifesting certain parts of my 2015 vision, instead of starting from scratch I decided to be more specific and add to it. I chose to do a vision book because it’s more discreet and you don’t have to have your life goals on display for every visitor to critique. It’s also a lot easier to add, delete or rearrange pages when it’s in book format.

Travel Trip Map Direction Exploration Planning Concept

My vision book covers all areas in my life including career, health, spirituality, relationships, finances, and health. We are multidimensional beings, so our vision board should focus on more than one area of our lives. Since I am creating a whole life and not a segment, I’ve learned to drop the expectation that everything would happen when I want it to. Instead I tie each vision into a specific life goal.  The vision book then serves to clarify my goals and desires. Desire is a wish while a goal is how you attempt to achieve the desire. In spiritual terms desire is the yin, the internal work to call forth what’s of your highest good. While goal is the yang, the external action to bring about change in the physical world. Therefore, desires and goals should tie and provide direction.

Below are the steps I follow throughout the year to ensure my vision book consistently matches my vision.


Review quarterly. Every quarter I take about an hour to flip through the pages of my vision book. For those visions that have become a reality, I write a note to explain how and when. I take a moment to reflect on how close I am to achieving the remaining visions and I analyze if the steps I’m currently taking are taking me closer or further to those visions. If needed I’ll adjust my behavior to get in alignment.

Write your accomplishments. Many times, we don’t realize how accomplished we are.  This process does two things it builds your confidence and it brings you closer to your goals. It also gives you a chance to see what you are doing right and where adjustments are needed. Every small win is worth celebrating because it confirms that you are on the right track.

Update annually. Based on my quarterly reviews and written accomplishments I always know how close I am to reaching my goals. As I check off those goals that have been met, I start to look at new goals or redefine the ones already in place. I spend a few days thinking about what has and hasn’t worked. I also take note of the ones that happen immediately and spend some time reflecting on why it was so easy to create.

My vision board has become my accountability partner. It has become an evolving living breathing record of where I am in life. It is also a quick reference for where I am trying to go. When opportunities show up, I smile because I know I had a hand in its creation.


Is your vision board an updated reflection of your life? How often do you update it? Comment below.

Peace and Blessings