Living Breathing Vision



I have been doing vision boards for at least five years. I can look back to my first one and see how my vision for 2012 is now a part of my reality.  What I’ve learned in the last five years is that your vision board must become a part of your life.  It’s not as simple as slapping some pictures on cardboard as part of your new year’s resolution.  Your vision board is your accountability partner. As you have experiences and manifest your desires, your vision for your life should be evolving as well. You may find that some desires from the past no longer fit so your vision board helps you find a better fit. I see my vision board as a continuum that I am constantly reviewing and adjusting based on where I am in the present moment.

My first vision book was mainly written words with one page of pictures and I used it from 2012-2014.  I started my current vision book in 2015 and it’s mainly pictures with small sections of written words throughout to further define my vision. When I meditate it’s easier to picture how I want my life so the photos become a quicker reference point. Since I am still manifesting certain parts of my 2015 vision, instead of starting from scratch I decided to be more specific and add to it. I chose to do a vision book because it’s more discreet and you don’t have to have your life goals on display for every visitor to critique. It’s also a lot easier to add, delete or rearrange pages when it’s in book format.

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My vision book covers all areas in my life including career, health, spirituality, relationships, finances, and health. We are multidimensional beings, so our vision board should focus on more than one area of our lives. Since I am creating a whole life and not a segment, I’ve learned to drop the expectation that everything would happen when I want it to. Instead I tie each vision into a specific life goal.  The vision book then serves to clarify my goals and desires. Desire is a wish while a goal is how you attempt to achieve the desire. In spiritual terms desire is the yin, the internal work to call forth what’s of your highest good. While goal is the yang, the external action to bring about change in the physical world. Therefore, desires and goals should tie and provide direction.

Below are the steps I follow throughout the year to ensure my vision book consistently matches my vision.


Review quarterly. Every quarter I take about an hour to flip through the pages of my vision book. For those visions that have become a reality, I write a note to explain how and when. I take a moment to reflect on how close I am to achieving the remaining visions and I analyze if the steps I’m currently taking are taking me closer or further to those visions. If needed I’ll adjust my behavior to get in alignment.

Write your accomplishments. Many times, we don’t realize how accomplished we are.  This process does two things it builds your confidence and it brings you closer to your goals. It also gives you a chance to see what you are doing right and where adjustments are needed. Every small win is worth celebrating because it confirms that you are on the right track.

Update annually. Based on my quarterly reviews and written accomplishments I always know how close I am to reaching my goals. As I check off those goals that have been met, I start to look at new goals or redefine the ones already in place. I spend a few days thinking about what has and hasn’t worked. I also take note of the ones that happen immediately and spend some time reflecting on why it was so easy to create.

My vision board has become my accountability partner. It has become an evolving living breathing record of where I am in life. It is also a quick reference for where I am trying to go. When opportunities show up, I smile because I know I had a hand in its creation.


Is your vision board an updated reflection of your life? How often do you update it? Comment below.

Peace and Blessings


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