Pursuit of Alignment Podcast

It’s been a minute but I’ve been busy trying to get in alignment with my purpose. To get in alignment means I had to be out of alignment and I was for awhile. I struggled quite a bit with this move to DC. I have finally found my footing and I’m ready to dive deep into this chapter of my life. While trying to figure it out I launched the Pursuit of Alignment Podcast. Pursuit of Alignment is about finding one’s life purpose and the journey to balancing and integrating that purpose into your life according to one’s own terms. I am ten episodes in and it has been an amazing experience. The podcast is pretty much this blog on audio but I also get to bring in some amazing people to share their journey and perspective on getting in alignment with their purpose.

What I love so far

I love to observe people and have been doing it for years. People, their journey and perspectives have always been interesting to me. When I people watch, I create narratives about each person’s life. I imagine what their conversations are about, how they act in real life, where they live if they have kids, what’s their profession and even their personality type all from watching their mannerisms. So podcasting satisfies my need to hear the narratives I’ve been making up in my head.

So far my guest by pure coincidence have been not only intuitive but also spiritual. Meaning their experiences and core beliefs have lead them to a higher or a different understanding of who we are and why we are here. My first guest Kelli (episode #004 & #005) learned at 10 years old about her gifts. It would be years later before she accepted her calling of being a Spiritual Life Coach. Jordana (episode #006) talks about how intuition and spirituality was a part of her home. So she learned from an early age to trust her intuition. After reading the section on PR in a career book, she instinctively knew that’s the career she should pursue. With no experience or background in that industry, she fearlessly applied for and landed a PR Director role at an agency.

Simla (episode #007) shares how she found her purpose after having two major brain surgeries back in 2007. She shares how her whole perspective change and she walked away feeling born again and that she was had a purpose. This lead to her creating the concept of empowerment tourism where she now combines tourism and sustainable impact on the communities she travels to. Kiana (episode #008) knew intuitively from a young age that she would serve in the medical field, the delivery of her first child solidified in what capacity. She shares that your growth will come from being uncomfortable and you don’t always have to change professions to find it. Sasha (episode #009) shares why she dubbs herself a Productive Dreamer and shares how her gifts and passions are all a part of her purpose.

I round out the 10th episode, by sharing my struggles with falling in and out of alignment with my purpose. I also offer some tools on how to get back in alignment and to keep going. This episode is proof that every day I’m still trying to figure it out like everyone else. To listen to any of the episodes listed above, visit Pursuit of Alignment Podcast.

Be blessed!


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