The Path of Least Resistance

I had a big ah-ha moment while listening to Abraham Hicks this weekend.  As I’ve mentioned before, I moved from Atlanta to DC about 15 months ago. While I’ve had some positive moments my overall experience in DC has been pretty trash, to say the least. There were very specific things that I wanted to create and manifest here. Beyond that, I also wanted to continue the flow of things that were going really well for me in Atlanta which included my accounting and yoga business.

I still feel that the move to DC was in alignment with my purpose. However, when my plan didn’t go according to plan, I got stuck in a little loop that has had me feeling out of sync, unmotivated and unhappy the majority of my time here. To put this in perspective keep in mind that the last 4-5 years have been overwhelmingly positive, aligned and happiest I’ve been in all of my life. I’m human so I’ve had negative moments in that time span but the positive far outweighed the negative. So the transition from being really happy to being unhappy for this length of time has been a bit of a struggle.

I think we all know when we are out of alignment. It feels different for different people and for most people it’s hard to describe. We know what feelings we want to have and we also know what we are feeling is not what we want. I know I feel most in alignment when I feel creative and when I’m doing things I love to do such as writing, dancing, yoga, exploring a new interest, being social and traveling. I have had no desire to do any of these things consistently since I got here. More importantly, I’ve been aware of it but haven’t been able to sustain enough “light at the end of the tunnel” vibes to propel myself to the other side of these feelings until the tantrum. The moment I admitted defeat and threw in the towel my mood changed.

I’m not really a person that likes to throw in the towel so I’ve been telling myself things are going to get better and work themselves out but the signs have been a bit scattered. So much so that I had an adult tantrum about a week ago. Yes, I can admit that I was on some ‘I hate this place, why am I still here (in DC)’. The previous day I’d ordered a winter coat and a few weeks prior to a couch but at the end of the tantrum, I was like I’m canceling everything F#@% this city. I can laugh at it now but I was so serious at the moment. Then I proceeded to tell anyone who would listen. I needed to vent and drum up some sympathy for my plight. After two days, I was somewhat back to normal and calm enough to reflect. I decided that I was too old to be unhappy and if this place was the source of my unhappiness then I could just move. I also came to the conclusion that as an adult, there are only two things that can possibly keep us unhappy. The first being feeling like we are stuck and not knowing how to get unstuck. The second is making the chose to be unhappy which is pretty normal as well. It’s unrealistic to think that you can be happy and positive 100% of the time for the rest of your life.  I think you can get really close to it with effort and understanding but I don’t think it’s abnormal either we are not. I was clearly choosing to be unhappy and it was somehow serving a purpose otherwise I wouldn’t still be entertaining it. I had to admit that this place wasn’t working and that it was ok to make another decision. I had to take my own advice. At the end of this conversation with myself, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and mood changed instantly.

Of course, moving takes planning so I am satisfied knowing I have a solution and feel like I’m back in the driver’s seat. I also had to admit that my negative feelings about this place have kept me from creating and manifesting. The law of attraction always presents what you focus on, so the more I focused on the negative the more those things became a self-fulfilling prophecy pushing me further away from what I intended to create while being here. I couldn’t stay focused long enough on the positive to keep a path open for opportunities to flow consistently.  In the midst of all my mindset struggles, two good things have happened in DC that I had to acknowledge after this tantrum. I have found spaces (apartments) that I love. I am also on a project with people I like and enjoy being around. However, I couldn’t focus my silver linings because I was too focused on the negative.

In the midst of all of this when I randomly stumbled across Abraham Hicks 3 Things You Can Practice Every Day To Accelerate Your Progress, I knew it was a sign and confirmation. It summed up the last 15 months but also provided some guidance that we all can use about finding the path of least resistance.

1 – To find the path of least resistance which is available to all of us, we have to slow down long enough to let it find us. The best way to do this through meditation. Quieting the mind, allows your vibration to rise. While in a meditative state you are able to tune into your higher self which provides not only a solution but a path to least resistance. Clearly the last 15 months of my life have been full of resistance. I could tell based on my mood (unhappy and complaining), my state of mind (feeling out of sync and unmotivated) and the experiences (rude people, bad weather, etc) have been present.

2 – Next which is the hardest, do not try to solve the problem when negative emotions get stuck in your vibration, it only compounds the problem. Instead, it is suggested that you acknowledge it, admit you were wrong, let it go, put in a new request and relax long enough for the solution to reveal itself. Easier said than done it’s taken me 15 months to get here stop replaying the mental tape on why things haven’t gone according to plan. Even though it was a good plan, it just hasn’t worked here so I had to release it which I did a week ago. Hopefully, it won’t take you as long to get to the resolution.

3 – Last but not least if you already have made a plan, put in a new request, then give it time to fix itself. One can never tune into positive vibrations by living in a mind state of negative emotions. The silver lining was hearing that negative emotions are a part of the process and in truth can’t be avoided. It’s human. What we do have control over is how long we live in our state of negative emotions. That clearly determines how long we will be out of alignment. I’ve put in my new request so I’m optimistic and excited as I wait for my path of least resistance to appear.

Happy holidays and thanks for rocking with me for another year. Peace and Blessings.



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