Finding Your Purpose In The Black Movement

On this blog, I have traditionally and purposely strayed away from socially and politically motivated subjects in an attempt to share more positive aspects of life. Mainly because I feel everyone else covers the more negative aspects and we rarely see the rose-colored view of life and possibilities. I have recently chosen to minimize my social media intake because of the heaviness on some of the platforms. However, last night I indulged and was bombarded with images of another black man whose life was senselessly taken by a group of nonblack police officers. I couldn’t scroll more than one or two posts without sensing and feeling a bit of outrage myself. I don’t know the details of the story because I purposely do not watch the news but I follow enough people who I trust that keep their pulse on these type of situations.
At the end of my morning mediation, a thought popped in that I wanted to not only share but explore maybe more for my own good than for others. It’s similar to a thought that popped into my awareness during the height of the black lives matter movement.
I think it’s very human and very spiritual for one to question their stance on things that impact not only the world, but also cultural, community, and individual lives. While my outrage has subdued and the storyline somewhere compartmentalized, my awareness wants to explore not only my response on how to reconcile but also how I am personally impacted mentally and spiritually by these reoccurring themes.  It also invoked in me a need to connect and hear the opinion of black men in my life on this subject.
It’s no secret that we live in a world where all things do not seem to be created equally.  It’s because we all experience life through the lenses of our perspective.  While there are people who can rise above those experiences to see life from a broader perspective, I don’t know that I fall into that category but I definitely have my moments.
Energy never dies it just changes form
I don’t think brutalizations have increased, I believe it is now more televised for the masses to see. I think in sharing these images, we seek validation and confirmation that we have not been making this shit up. I also think in sharing these images we are asking the general public to take a stance because turning a blind eye now is very conscious and very accusatory in nature. It means you saw it but you refuse to act on it. These acts whether by our justice system or by self-policing individuals should invoke a response in all of us right? It should be in direct conflict with one’s moral compass right? Even brutalized animals have an advocate.
As I reflected, I had to ask where do I land on my own moral compass. How do I act and impact from where I stand? How is my own purpose connected to what appears in our collective reality? How do I reconcile what is with what is to come?
There is clearly a shift taking place and it’s been taking place for a long time. It’s no different from the civil rights movement that our parents experienced. In fact, I don’t think the energy of that movement ever died, it has just taken a different form and we have collectively learned how to express it in more individual and creative ways.
I have a deep faith in this universe thing. The older I get and the more experiences that I have all remind me of that.  We are witnessing the raising shadow and unhealed cultural and spiritual wounds in the black experience. I think a lot of us have forgotten that we have spiritually chosen to answer the call of this clearing. While it’s personally painful to watch in some ways I think this is the only way we create change. We make amends with what we’ve ignored and kept hidden. Pain, guilt and shame should touch us all in a way to create change. I hope to see this change in this lifetime.
When you know your purpose in life you always know where you stand on every issue or at least you have a starting point on how to get there
I have often questioned what my role is in this energy. Is it one of complacency? I ask the Creator quite frequently what is my role and am I doing enough to protect the fathers, sons, nephews, neighbors, friends, spouses, lovers, partners, and my black male counterparts at this time?  How can I offer more and in what form?  There is a desire to pull them all close, love on them, let them know they are supported, seen, and understood. No matter how rosy I’d like these glasses to be, I am not immune to the imagery and I don’t want to be desensitized to it either.
I was reminded during my reflection that I have chosen a more spiritual and financial stance.  As much as we need soldiers on the frontlines, we also need mothering energy to pray over all impacted, we need healers ready to release the energy that no longer serves, and we need spiritual warriors to help clean up the mental and spiritual wounds. We also need financers, people who will empower others economically so that they can continue the fight.  We need people who contribute their finances to uplift and encourage. The back-office functions are always just as important as operations. It takes as much to be a silent partner as it does to be in the spotlight. No matter what stance you take, my message is to find a stance and take it, your soul is waiting and your purpose is in alignment with it.
It is my hope that I am truly contributing to my highest potential and for the highest good of all human beings. My prayer is that this is enough and that I stay open to the other ways in which the Creator can use me. The fight for justice and equality is as much spiritual as it is physical.
Sending out peace and love to all impacted.

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