15 Days and Counting

I am abundantly provided for as I follow my path. An abundance of opportunities show up as I transition. Each new choice brings in more prosperity. I allow myself to have more than I ever dreamed of. I am surrounded by opportunities. I connect with others on this same vibration. Abundance is my birthright. There is more than enough for everyone. I share my abundance with others. My business thrives as I follow my passion and live in my purpose.


17 Days and Counting

I am a teacher. I listen intently and guide intuitively. I am a teacher. I support others and encourage them to become the best version of themselves.  I am a teacher.  I allow others to be transparent and authentic in my presence. I show others how to follow their internal barometer and external imprints. I am a teacher.

26 Days and Counting

I am a healer.  I heal others through my words. I am healed through the words of others. I share my experiences and others find commonality in our shared experiences. My writing is personal and transparent. I connect with the hope and love found in the words of others. My tribe of healers is a community of writers and readers. This is the life I choose.  I am a healer.  I am my tribe.

31 Days and Counting 

I am the author of my own story. My vision and dreams come from a sacred place so I write them to bring them to life. My path is always clear and open for new adventures. The next pages in my book are blank and ready to be filled with my souls desires. I am responsible for my choices. I can rewrite my direction and make new choices at any point I choose. 

32 Days and Counting

I decided it would be cool to sit down and write a series of mantras to keep in mind as I make this transition. Everyday I would take one of the mantras and write encouraging words to myself. The first one I will include here. 

Mantra: I am successful. 

I am successful no matter what path I take. My spiritual success far exceeds any material success. When I choose to follow my heart and trust my intuition doors open, abundance appears and love embraces me. 

Hopefully my words will be a guidepost for others at this time.  I verbally quit 30 days ago. Now I’m in the last leg of closing out this part of my life. I feel pretty calm at the moment. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. 

Peace and Blessings