Who Sent You


The people I’ve met over the last six months have been very colorful. Not in terms of their outward appearance but rather in terms of their experiences, exposure, and vibration. As I continue to evolve so does the caliber of beings who cross my path. One such being graced my Reiki table a few weeks ago. She entered my space with an honest skepticism.  She explained how she kept feeling drawn to me. She had already done research and hoped the Reiki session could potentially clear up some things in her life. In her search, she felt drawn to me several times until she finally decided to call. Her intuition brought her to my doorsteps and she felt she had made the right choice.

I shared my background with her allowing her to become comfortable with who I was. She was rightfully adamant about who she was allowed to touch her energy.  I explained how during the sessions I get spiritual insight and if she was open I would share it with her at the end.  She was open to the feedback so we proceeded.


In Reiki, I start at the top of the head and move from chakra to chakra until I reach the feet. Chakras are subtle energy centers that surround the body.  When I got to the third chakra, I started to feel a young kid in her energy field. It was a jovial little girl who appeared to be laughing and playing. She kept swinging her head from side to side. I felt an abundance of love and happiness as she danced around the room. At the end of the session I mentioned the little girl to my surprise she immediately lit up. I said you have a baby coming soon and it’s a little girl. She said she already knew what she would name her and everyone in her family already knew the name. I immediately felt a similarity in our paths. We spent the next hour exchanging stories about our lives and spiritual experiences. When she left I felt a sense of happiness. It reaffirmed that I was truly walking in my purpose and having an impact on the lives of others. It is my belief that no coincidences exist. We are always exactly where we need to be when we need to be there.

Peace and Blessings

I am a spiritual being having a human experience.


Gratitude and Acknowledgement

I recently personally thanked a friend for attending one of my classes. He curiously asked if I hadn’t expected him to come. I explained my view on expectations, basically, I had none. It is my belief that all who should be there will be there.  This allows me not to focus on attendance but beyond that, it keeps me in a constant state of gratitude. It’s an authentic gratitude because I know at that moment a person has many options on how to spend their time. It is not my right to obligate anyone or to tie my success into someone else’s actions. When a student appears I see it as alignment. My choice to lead combined with their choice to attend is alignment, not a coincidence. Whenever I get to share a part of me with someone else, I am thankful.

Not everyone operates under this belief system. We often assume family and friends know we appreciate them. It takes two seconds to acknowledge someone’s effort and help free them from guilt, sorrow or feeling they’ve disappointed you because of expectations. Not everyone in your life is meant to serve in the capacity in which you want them to. They may want another role or serve a completely different purpose. Letting go of expectations and allowing others to show up how they choose reduces internal and external conflicts.

When you operate from a space of no expectations, you allow the universe to send who is supposed to be there. After class, I could call everyone to find out why they didn’t make it to class. I could get so caught up in the drama of expectations that I miss the opportunity to see the people who have a genuine interest in what I do. Expectations become a distraction and could cause me to miss out on the person who wants to explain the impact my class has had on them. I do not focus my attention on what’s not in my control instead I focus on what is presented to me in that moment. The moment someone appears I instantly become thankful.  I feel gratitude for being allowed to guide them. I openly show my appreciation but I also silently send blessings as well. Whether we accept it or not we are being guided. Therefore I purposely thank people for their time and acknowledge the light that guided them into my personal universe. The people that choose to come to my mindfulness classes are making an investment in themselves. The alignment is bigger than me and I am honored to be their leader. My gratitude is sincerely to encourage them to keep following their light even if that light does not lead them back to me.

Peace and Blessings


Networking For The Attuned: Reloaded


I recently took a four-week break from networking to evaluate my experiences and to come up with a new strategy. Being new to the game and trying to get my feet off the ground, meant I spent the first 90 days going to any and every event. In retrospect, this was not the most effective approach because I found myself burned out and reluctant to continue in that way. Although I was meeting great people, those individuals weren’t always open to the services I provide.  I quickly discovered that networking without a defined strategy is draining.

After a few weeks of rest and relaxation, I was able to redefine my networking target and niche. My intention is to focus on partnering with companies that are interested in providing mindfulness in the workplace options for their employees.  I decided to take it a level further by creating a list of three specific professions to focus my efforts on including human resource, accounting, and health care professionals.

Human Resource professionals from a health and wellness standpoint are the gate keepers to benefits programs offered to employees. Beyond that every year human resource departments gear up for annual enrollment. Annual enrollment is when employees are added to the insurance plan for the upcoming year, the process usually starts in the fall and ends after the new year.  This timeframe is very intense for benefits department which means a mindfulness practice can decrease burnout and improve overall mood.

Accountants on the other hand gear up for year end followed by audit and tax season. For accountants, December through April tends to be a highly stressful time of the year t since all three activities tend to overlap and have competing deadlines. This is also the time when most accountants work late nights and weekends, a mindfulness practice can increase clarity, concentration, and alleviate tension.

Last but not least I want to focus on health care professionals who are constantly on the front line helping to ensure the well being of others.   Health care professionals are tasked with making difficult decisions quickly. A mindfulness practice would be a great way to manage everyday challenges, increase resilience and improve coping skills associated with the health profession.

By deciding to use my knowledge of corporate departments and also tapping into the expertise of close friends who work in these environments I was able to create a better strategy. If you are currently seeking a networking strategy here are ten steps to consider in your plan.

  • Evaluate your target market and niche
  • Choose 3-5 areas to focus on
  • Define what successful networking means for you
  • Create a metrics to measure your progress
  • Every quarter evaluate your strategy and adjust it as needed
  • Get involved in the community by joining causes and associations you believe in
  • Volunteer at events that tie into your interest and business
  • Attend a lot of events to increase your confidence, practice your approach and study the crowd
  • Have fun and be fun to be around
  • Drop expectations and trust the process

These steps should get you off to a great start.  As you find your footing, more opportunities that are in alignment with your higher goals will appear. Stay positive and stay the course.

Peace and Blessings

10 Days and Counting

I follow my dreams.  Most dreams are hard to remember but the ones remembered are messages from the soul.  The dream had enough impact to remain imprinted for me to bring back into my waking life for a reason.  I am in alignment with imprinted dreams.  I am balanced.  I am whole.  I am a dreamer.  I hear my words.  I am in alignment with my dreams.  I allow myself to follow my dreams.

Fear Creeping 


Day 11 was sketchy.  I was feeling mixed emotions.  My last gut check.  I’ve been asked if I’m scared.  Surprisingly the answer is hell yes.  Most of the things I try I am scared but I’ve learned to push through my fear.  Every time I push through something good comes out of it.  Fear is a motivator once you recognize it for what it is.  I refuse to live my life in doubt and what ifs.  I have learned to exam what I’m feeling to see if it’s based in truth.

Fear has a tendency of lying to you. It says you aren’t ready, you aren’t good enough, you can’t leave that relationship, you will never get that dream job, you can’t manage your health or weight…and the list goes on.  Yesterday my fear asked me was I sure?  I could feel my stomach balling up.  I needed a nap.  I couldn’t concentrate.  What would people think?  Am I doing too much?  Am I not doing enough?  I spent at least two hours in a fog but when I got home I got right back into my zone.  I cut off communication with the external world to go within.  I started looking at my plans for the day.   I looked at the task that needed to be accomplished for the week.  I had to acknowledge what I was feeling then refocus.  Your home has to be your sacred space.  It has to be where you can go to recharge and get centered.  Then I took a long nap.

When I awoke the feelings from earlier were a distant memory.  I spent sometime in reflection.  It was necessary for me to acknowledge and accept my guest appearing thoughts.  I thanked fear for showing up and reminding me it was time to create my own life.  If I wanted to live by my rules, I have to stay the course and see this through completion.

We all have something that lingers in the background waiting to give us false truths about who we are, who we can be and what’s destined for our lives.  It’s up to us to decipher what’s real and what we can use for motivation.  You want to know how I found courage?  I practiced it.  I don’t seek validation.  By the time most people catch up to what I’m on, I’m halfway done with the task.  I’ve already beat fear by just stepping outside of my comfort zone.  You won’t feel confident taking big leaps until you taken several mini leaps.  The small leaps are what build courage, endurance and strength.  Fear is not my enemy, I use it to measure my success.  When I feel it I know I’m close to my next breakthrough.  It means I can’t look back but I can thank it for the reminder.

Peace and Blessings

13 Days and Counting

I am the chosen one. In every family there is one destined to bring about change and create new pathways. I move fearlessly into the wild. I am clearing the way for more to follow. I am clearing the way for my family to have options.  I am the hope others need to make it possible for them to follow their heart. The universe guides me. I am spiritually supported. I am the chosen one. I am protected.

Peace and Blessings

15 Days and Counting

I am abundantly provided for as I follow my path. An abundance of opportunities show up as I transition. Each new choice brings in more prosperity. I allow myself to have more than I ever dreamed of. I am surrounded by opportunities. I connect with others on this same vibration. Abundance is my birthright. There is more than enough for everyone. I share my abundance with others. My business thrives as I follow my passion and live in my purpose.