26 Days and Counting

I am a healer.  I heal others through my words. I am healed through the words of others. I share my experiences and others find commonality in our shared experiences. My writing is personal and transparent. I connect with the hope and love found in the words of others. My tribe of healers is a community of writers and readers. This is the life I choose.  I am a healer.  I am my tribe.

31 Days and Counting 

I am the author of my own story. My vision and dreams come from a sacred place so I write them to bring them to life. My path is always clear and open for new adventures. The next pages in my book are blank and ready to be filled with my souls desires. I am responsible for my choices. I can rewrite my direction and make new choices at any point I choose. 

32 Days and Counting

I decided it would be cool to sit down and write a series of mantras to keep in mind as I make this transition. Everyday I would take one of the mantras and write encouraging words to myself. The first one I will include here. 

Mantra: I am successful. 

I am successful no matter what path I take. My spiritual success far exceeds any material success. When I choose to follow my heart and trust my intuition doors open, abundance appears and love embraces me. 

Hopefully my words will be a guidepost for others at this time.  I verbally quit 30 days ago. Now I’m in the last leg of closing out this part of my life. I feel pretty calm at the moment. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. 

Peace and Blessings 

My Magical Garden

Some call it an altar. I call it my magical garden. It is a true reflection of who I am at this moment. The place where I plant my seeds. Each item has its place and all things live and breath as one in my garden. I am the nurturer constantly tilling over my metaphorical soils. 

Mirror is a reminder of the need for self reflection.

Purple unicorn is to remember to run wild and free. It also reminds me that I can fly to heaven or hell as I see fit. 

Mermaid reminds me that I am of the water and from the water. I am by birth a water sign so she protects and watches over my crystals. 

Crystals remind me that I can be found in all things and all forms of the earth. Different crystals change my perspective and feelings. 

Seashells are similar to crystals.  If you put them to your ear they will tell you a story.  Seashells are a reminder to go within to hear your inner voice. 

Plants help me bring the abundance of outside in. The are both reminders of prosperity and light. They make me smile and remind me to breathe. 

My treasure chest is where I keep my more sacred tools. It contains my tarot cards and faery dust. As well as any other sacred items I do not want others to touch.  All are reminders that we are magical. 

Blue pyramid to host my creative thoughts and hone in a higher energy. It is also a reminder of where I originated from many moons ago.  Although I’ve never been, my meditations take me there quite often. 

Candles to focus on bringing to life my current thoughts. Manifestions in motion.  A reminder that I can create the life I want. 

Red Buddha are my protectors. They remind me that happiness is a choice.  

A vase of water to absorb any negative energy. 

I own more than one sacred space in my home. I expand and contract as needed. I only keep what I currently use. What’s on your altar? Share your photos of your sacred space. 

Far East

I can go anywhere in the world and feel a cultural connection in that moment.  My sabbaticals are always reflective in nature and lead to an outpouring of spiritual revelations and writing.  Going far east was no different.  As soon as I landed I knew I would be returning in the near future quickly forgetting about the eighteen hours it took to get there.  I love my alone time.  It gives me a chance to get lost in thought and take in the sights without having to express what I am thinking or feeling.

My thoughts seemed to loop between how to expand my mindfulness practice, how to use my practice to empower others and how to use my  other spiritual gifts.  I spent a good amount of time in various asanas between tours. Simply a tool used to center myself to help bring everything in focus.  My conclusion is that I live a good life.  Minus a few mishaps, this year abundance has surrounded me in a way not seen before.  This trip reminded me there is a commonality that exist between all cultures that tie us together as human beings.  As an African American we speak freely about cultural inequalities and oppression which I can never deny their existence.  Every culture has a history, it is the resilience of the people that create change, evolution and bring about peace.  In listening to the history of China, I had to step outside of my body to understand this is what binds our experiences but it’s also not our only story.

My generation like the ones before still have a choice in the matter.  We get to write our own story.  What will time be known as? What imprints will we leave? Who will be taking a picture of my homeland hundreds of years from now?  I hope this time will be known as a time reconnecting with the source.  A time where as a culture we found our spiritual gifts and used them to grow, heal and empower each other.