The Return of Eros
The Evolution of Love


Return of Eros is an idea that came to mind when I started thinking about the space that I was in circa 2012.  I was recovering from the pain of a divorce and a current relationship not going as intended.  I knew that at the center of my pain love still existed and it was necessary for me to find it within myself.

 The term Eros most people are familiar with comes from Greek Mythology meaning god of love and desire. My view on what life and love means has definitely evolved over the couple last years and I expect it to continue to evolve going forward.  So the writing expressed on this site will be coming from a space of true love, love of all people, places, and things and above all my journey into the guidepost for all things…self-love. This is a detailed account of my own spiritual journey in finding myself and the love that has always been within me. As the writing evolves so do I…

Email: ReturnofEros@outlook.com


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